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Veerle’s offers up another incredibly helpful tutorial on another one of Illustrator’s often overlooked features: the Pucker and Bloat effects.

I think Adobe should just hire Veerle to do all their tutorials since oftentimes the new tutorials that come with a new release only cover new releases and not the oldie but goodies.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials - Best Of. A great collection of Illustrator tutorials from the fine folks over at Smashing Magazine. (Via Smashing Magazine.)

Creating seamless patterns in Illustrator. How to create those wonderful patterns. Just in times for the holidays. (Via Veerle’s blog.)

From the great people who brought us Brusheezy, comes its nice vector counterpart: Vecteezy. If you’re looking for some great vector artwork to get you going on your projects, this site seems like the place to start.

Each piece has individual rights attached to them which can be seen when you click on a thumbnail. Each file that is linked is linked to either a .eps for .ai file which is compatible with almost all vector editing tools. Those of you who live all day in Illustrator, Fireworks, or Flash should definitely check this out.