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People probably think I’m a little nuts for following this practice as well, but once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Sharpening hand-held shots I even forget about Smart Sharpen since it’s a new feature in CS3. (Via creativebit.)

"In this tutorial we’re going to use some super layer effects and a bit of extra magic to make a lettering style that looks transparent and stunning. Because there is so much use of layer styles you need to download the sample PSD from the link on the right to follow along."

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11 of the best tutorials that make your photos look like the movies. From Scarface to Pirates of the Carribean to ‘300’ to A Scanner Darkly. It’s all here.

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The following are 18 of my most commonly used shortcuts, broken out into three groups: simple, intermediate, and advanced. There might be one or two you don’t know about in here.

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Photoshop - Save for web problem!!. The perils of color management mixed with Web optimization. (Via creativebits.)

Can a Path turned into a Shape Layer in Photoshop?. When button icons get moved around from version to version, it can mess with you, that’s for sure. (Via Veerle’s blog.)